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I am a Reiki Master, Life Mentor and Intuitive.
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About me

I was born and raised in Miami, FL, a city where hard work ethic and hustling was and is the norm. Growing up, I was surrounded with hard workers and outspokenness, but along with that came stubbornness and rigidity. I was always treated like an adult, so I acted and behaved beyond my years, and I yearned for a more nurturing environment; somewhere that felt more in line with my essence.

There was always this sense of being part of something intangible. I started meditating when I was 12 years old, turned to Buddhist practices for solace during childhood trauma, and was working towards the life I craved. Even when the law of attraction was a foreign concept to me, I knew my thoughts held immense power.

While going to college in Amsterdam, a close friend introduced me to manifestation, the law of attraction, and new age spirituality as we all know it. I fell in love with it because it reignited a spark within me, I never realized was the key to it all. That’s when I dove into all books self-help and spirituality. From Abraham Hicks to Jen Sincero, and Deepak Chopra, I fed my mind knowledge from untamed and limitless creators.

Since then, I’ve travelled to 40 countries, received a bachelors degree in health and law, and two masters degrees in international business and social entrepreneurship. I currently reside in Amsterdam and love living a life where the simple things are accentuated, gentleness is priority, and curiosity is nourished.

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Kind words

“Emily is so good at what she does. While in session with her, I felt so at ease and I knew she was sending healing energy . Once the session was over we chatted about her intuitive messages, she was spot on and gave me great follow-up guidance.”

Jenny, New York City, USA

“Emily has such a special and intuitive energy. Her advice was so spot on and I definitely feel lighter after our session. It was my first time ever receiving reiki, and I really felt the heat coming from her hands. I also felt energy move a lot in certain areas of my body, which really matched where I was having issues too. 10000% recommend. Emily is such a beautiful and talented soul.”

Yana, London, UK

“I had an amazing reiki and overall healing session with Emily today and absolutely loved it! She’s so gifted and I really felt like she not only knows so well what she’s doing, but she also puts her whole heart and soul into it. Despite it only being a couple of hours ago I already had such a shift in my thinking and realised patterns that I had been struggling to identify on my own. I’ll definitely come back whenever I need some more clarity in the future and will 100% recommend her to friends.”

Ines, London, UK

"Emily was so sweet and helpful! I felt very comfortable and welcomed. It was my first time doing a reiki session and she explained what to expect in detail. I could tell she was genuine and I’m so grateful we connected. She was on point with everything! Thank you for the reading today, I will definitely come back!"

Andrea, New Jersey, USA

“Emily made me feel very at ease and explained everything with care. I'll definitely want to do a follow-up.”

Catya, Amsterdam, NL

“My session with Emily was so beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect but she made me feel so comfortable and seen, and the energy work itself was very accurate. The session provided some much needed clarity and guidance.”

Isabelle, London, UK

“I didn't know too much about reiki before I had a session with Emily. She made sure that I knew exactly what was going on and what I could expect. She created a safe space in which I felt comfortable being vulnerable. Emily is empathic, organized and very professional. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for someone who cares, is relatable, and can guide you back to alignment.”

Camiel, Amsterdam, NL

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