Reiki & Energy Healings

Life Force Energy

What is Reiki?

Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1920’s based on the teachings of Usui. The word Reiki comes from the word rei (universal) and ki (life force energy). Anyone can receive reiki, but not everyone can give reiki. Your energy field must be attuned to Reiki and training is required.

What does Reiki do for me?

Reiki is good for many different things including physical ailments, emotional issues, energetic blocks, and the list goes on. As your body is infused with Reiki,  your auric field and body is supported in its own healing process.

The Healings

Please note: All sessions are virtual and personalized to your individual needs. Upon booking your session, you’ll be asked what questions you have and what areas you’d like to focus on. In reiki and energy healings, you’ll be asked to lay down throughout the majority of the session. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

The Great Purple | Reiki Healing

30 minutes for €75

A session where you get to lay down comfortably, get into a meditative state, and enjoy receiving pure Reiki throughout your entire body and chakra system. This is for you if...

The Rising Sun | Reiki & Energy Healing

50 minutes for €95

In the first part of the session, I perform energy work to remove energetic blocks, release anything that is holding you back, and restore balance. Once you’re more aligned, I infuse Reiki throughout your entire system. This is for you if...

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