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What is an intuitive reading?

In my intuitive readings, I connect with your spirit guides, healing team, and past loved ones through clairsentience (clear feeling). I first connect with your energetic system and then channel any information they want to share with you.

The Readings

Please note: All sessions are virtual and personalized to your individual needs. Upon booking your session, you’ll be asked what questions you have and what areas you’d like to focus on. In reiki and energy healings, you’ll be asked to lay down throughout the majority of the session. Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have any questions.

The Fuji | Intuitive Reading

50 minutes for €125

A session where I intuitively connect with your higher self, spirit guides, healing team, and/or past loved ones and channel any information that may need to be passed on to you. I perform the reading alone and take note of all information before our session. During our session, we discuss everything that came up and what that means for you. This is for you if...

The Koi | Mini Intuitive Reading

20 minutes for €60

A mini version of The Fuji. Everything is the same except we do not meet for a live session.  After channeling and taking notes, I send you a 20 minute voice recording with everything that came up during the reading including messages and guidance. This is for you if...

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