Helping you get closer to who you truly are

By identifying key areas that are holding you back from your authentic self, transforming what it means to heal, and embodying your innermost essence. This is a space to connect you with who you truly are: a powerful being on an ever-changing soul journey.

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Who I am

I am a reiki practitioner, intuitive guide, life mentor, and energy worker. Having gone through body image issues, and family and childhood trauma, I found that there wasn’t a unique space to hone it all in. Here, you can connect with every part of you.

I am not here to heal you because you are not broken. I am here to help you get closer to who you truly are through various modalities: reiki, energy chelation, and intuitive guidance. This is a space for you to come back to your essence of love and light.

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What I offer

Every individual benefits most from a personalized session. I aim to optimize my sessions with you personally, but to provide structure, I created three services you can choose from. Upon booking your session, you’ll be asked what parts of your life and self you’d like to focus on.

All sessions are 60 minutes with an energy exchange of 111 USD (100 EUR).

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Star Reading

Receiving Divine Guidance

The Stars reflect our origin and the inner light we embody. In this reading you’ll receive a mixture of reiki, energy work, and mentoring with a focus on elevating the spiritual and etheric body. I connect with your spirit guides to guide you back to your true power. This reading is for you if you’re looking for more outside of yourself and a reignition to your inner knowing.

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Moon Reading

Delving Into Our Inner World

The Moon rules our emotions, intuition, and inner world. In this reading you’ll receive a mixture of reiki, energy work, and mentoring with a focus on grounding the physical and emotional body. I connect with your higher self to guide you back to your self-worth and reclaim your path. This reading is for you if your inner world is feeling chaotic and you’re looking for your essence.

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Sun Reading

Calling In Life Force Energy

The Sun represents the fiery passion and vitality within all of us. In this reading you’ll receive a mixture of reiki, energy work, and mentoring with a focus on fueling your celestial and astral body. I connect with your higher self and spirit guides to imprint vitality and passion. This reading is for you if you’re feeling depleted or unsupported and you’re looking for that spark and creativity again.

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Kind words

“I had an amazing reiki and overall healing session with Emily today and absolutely loved it! She’s so gifted and I really felt like she not only knows so well what she’s doing, but she also puts her whole heart and soul into it. Despite it only being a couple of hours ago I already had such a shift in my thinking and realised patterns that I had been struggling to identify on my own. I’ll definitely come back whenever I need some more clarity in the future and will 100% recommend her to friends.”

- Ines, London, UK

“Emily is so good at what she does. While in session with her, I felt so at ease and I knew she was sending healing energy . Once the session was over we chatted about her intuitive messages, she was spot on and gave me great follow-up guidance.”

- Jenny, New York City, USA

“Emily has such a special and intuitive energy. Her advice was so spot on and I definitely feel lighter after our session. It was my first time ever receiving reiki, and I really felt the heat coming from her hands. I also felt energy move a lot in certain areas of my body, which really matched where I was having issues too. 10000% recommend. Emily is such a beautiful and talented soul.”

- Yana, London, UK

“My session with Emily was so beautiful. I didn’t know what to expect but she made me feel so comfortable and seen, and the energy work itself was very accurate. The session provided some much needed clarity and guidance.”

- Isabelle, London, UK

"Emily was so sweet and helpful! I felt very comfortable and welcomed. It was my first time doing a reiki session and she explained what to expect in detail. I could tell she was genuine and I’m so grateful we connected. She was on point with everything! Thank you for the reading today, I will definitely come back!"

- Andrea, New Jersey, USA

“Emily made me feel very at ease and explained everything with care. I'll definitely want to do a follow-up.”

- Catya, Amsterdam, NL

“I didn't know too much about reiki before I had a session with Emily. She made sure that I knew exactly what was going on and what I could expect. She created a safe space in which I felt comfortable being vulnerable. Emily is empathic, organised and very professional. I would highly recommend her if you're looking for someone who cares, is relatable, and can guide you back to alignment.”

- Camiel, Amsterdam, NL

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