Getting Closer to Who You Really Are

November 4th, 2021
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Healing. It’s a word we all, in the spiritual and wellness community, hear day-to-day. I think it’s easy to relate to having experienced a sense of urgency to change something about ourselves. It’s natural to feel like things should change because we are ever changing, but this journey of life goes beyond healing.

When we arrive, earthside, each of us is a being of love and light; a being of true connection to source energy, or the energy that created us and the world we live in. We all begin connected, aligned, and in love with ourselves. We enter this world whole. There is no sense of misalignment or lack. Humans come here to have a human experience which entails learning through trial and error with an overarching goal of realizing a particular soul mission.

We come to Earth with a sense of empowerment and autonomy, so where does this sense of brokenness step in to interrupt our flow? It all starts with disconnectedness. While we all come connected, it doesn’t stay that way for too long. Should we all develop in an enriching environment, then we’d turn out with a better sense of wholeness, but our souls crave challenges to fast forward our evolution. As humans, we have the choice to be jaded or empowered by our experiences. Many of our parents, families, and ancestors have also disconnected through uncomfortable experiences perpetuating the disconnection for generations where it ends up reaching us too.

Throughout my wellness and spiritual journey, I began to learn about the effects that thoughts, words, and intentions have on our livelihoods. I can say with confidence that the biggest lesson of all that prevails time and time again is to love oneself. It all starts with every one of us. Loving ourselves can entail implementing new practices, rituals, and routines that can seem beneficial and fueling for us. We are left in a state of questioning. What needs healing within me? However, this also perpetuates that idea that we are broken, that we are not whole, that we are lacking in some way shape, or form.

This urge to heal is an urge to fix and we have all had it at some point or another. This perception is backed by a sense of lack and when we come from a place of lack, we attract the likeness of it. You are not broken, you are not discombobulated, you are not lacking, you are whole, you are you and that’s enough. That doesn’t mean that we stop evolving and changing. It just simply means that when we are disconnected, it’s a matter of getting closer to who we really are, not fixing or repressing a part of ourselves.

It’s the connotation of the word that isn’t good for us, but if we change our thoughts around to support coming from a place of abundance, then use it to your heart’s content. Healing isn’t fixing something that’s broken beyond repair, it’s becoming more soul centric, embodying love and light, and supporting yourself to get back to you.

We are overwhelmed by options for supporting our development: breath work, yoga, ice baths, diets, and more. I suggest going back to the basics. We are always searching for our next step, but simply ‘being’ is enough. Taking it day by day has been a game changer for me. When taking this approach, you are telling the universe that by simply requesting a desire, being present, and allowing it to flow to you, you trust. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to hustle and struggle to be worthy of abundance.

Trusting the universe is trusting yourself and what better way to do this than by allowing yourself to stride with effortlessness and unwavering faith that exudes “I am a badass manifestor and I receive all good with arms wide open”. It’s approaching your life with a sense of “I have my own back, the people around me have my back, and the whole universe has my back”. You start creating this core foundation of unparalleled confidence, trust, and belief that nothing can shake it.

One of the easiest ways to call in what you have asked for is through embodiment. I firmly believe that the dreams and aspirations we all have are simply sneak peeks we saw of this lifetime before choosing to incarnate to that corresponding life. In other words, what you wish for is something you knew you’d have/experience. Why else would we have this fiery passion for it?

The dreams we all have stem from a version of ourselves embodying mega self-worth, feelings of abundance, and all the goodness. So, ask yourself, what version of myself would create such a vibrant state of mind and life? It’s less about working towards a goal and more so feeling towards that goal. For example, a person who wants to be their own boss has a solid sense of self-worth and discipline and leads a path of curiosity leaving fear behind. Choose your version of you in alignment with the state of mind and life you wholeheartedly desire.

You know that moment when you are in an invigorating workout class or listening to your favorite song and you just get goosebumps all over? It’s this moment where revival happens and everything you’ve ever desired just seems attainable. This is what we need to embody every day. Whether it’s going for a hot girl walk, dancing to your song, visualizing your favorite you and what their day looks like, or lifting weights, do what you need to do to be in a state of flow and receiving mode.

It doesn’t take loads of money on energy healings, exhaustive amounts of scripting, or tireless work to get closer to who you really are. It just takes presence and embodiment; a practice we all benefit from. You are you and while there are multiple versions of you, you get to choose which one you want to embody daily. You get to be aware of what lights you up, expand on that, and show up for yourself with gratitude. Once we realize that we are enough with or without certain external factors, we can show up from a place of abundance. You don’t need to heal because the essence of you is whole and embodying your essence is what’ll get you back to you.

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